Marketing 28 May 2014

Colourful and on trend:

WOW! Colourful Perupas: a range of special or coloured varieties that are a cut above the image of the ‘standard’ potato. Research has shown that professional chefs and home cooks are looking for variation and taste. Perupas are the answer to those demands. The colourful range of Perupa varieties brings fun, variaton, taste and health to the chef’s and consumer’s plates.

The current range of varieties consists of:

 Violetta, Anya, Magenta Love, Violet Queen, Blue Star and Double Fun.

Perupas follow food trends

‘Castle pigs’ or ‘Primeval cereal’ bread, the culinary world knows lots of products with a history. The Perupas story relates to origin. Did you know there are still over 4,000 varieties of native potatoes in the Andes mountains? Perupas are a selected range of varieties in different colours, shapes and tastes much like the original varieties you can still find in the Andes mountains.

Super foods

A number of Perupa varieties have a higher percentage of anthocyanin, the colouring agent that is also in beetroot, for example. This is an antioxidant that is praised in scientific publications as a substance with health improving characteristics. This fits perfectly with the trend of eating extra healthy foods, also called super foods.

HZPC’s latest concept

WOW! Colourful Perupas is our latest concept we introduced at Fruitlogistica last February. We are pleased we received many reactions from all over the world.

Preserving natural variation

In cooperation with the International Potato centre (CIP) in Lima – Peru, HZPC is supporting a group of farmers in the Andes Mountains in order to preserve the genetic variation of potato landraces.