28 May 2014 Innovation

The search for improved packaging is on!

Most potatoes are distributed in jute bags. This has been done for more than a hundred years. It’s time for change!

Don’t miss out

The packaging industry has significantly improved over the last couple of decades, so why is it that we still use jute? Packaging protects potatoes from disease and injury during storage and transportation. Nowadays there are many packaging options used for food and beverages which could also improve the quality and efficiency of handling procedures for potatoes.

The search for improved packaging is on!

Furthermore, packaging can help organisations to stand out from their competitors. Over the past few years, some major changes have taken place in our business environment. The internet and social media provide everyone with an abundance of information and have made businesses transparent, resulting in increased competition. Therefore, being distinctive and appealing to your customers has become more important.

Trends currently influencing the food and beverage market are: value-driven not low cost, making my life less stressful, being green, being healthy and food safety. Valuing packaging as a marketing tool and using these trends is definitely an opportunity that deserves more attention and provides interesting potential.

HZPC & Packaging

At HZPC we are currently examining different kinds of packages such as new plastics, cardboard, and polyethylene. We will thoroughly test these materials against jute to see which gives the best results for quality, efficiency and cost.

We believe packaging provides interesting opportunities to improve quality, save on handling procedures and, last but not least, for marketing.

In due course, we will share the results of our tests and possibly provide our partners with new and improved services on this topic.