Trends 15 April 2015

Combination of retail and restaurants & catering has the future

Innovative combinations between restaurants & catering and retail are springing up like mushrooms. Younger consumers in particular no longer think in terms of the old logic of sales channels: you get your shopping from the supermarket and you eat in a restaurant. Moreover, consumers are much more aware of what they eat. Established companies cater for this, but there are also new players on the food market.

Young consumers don’t think according to outdated logic

According to the experts, we’re now at a turning point as far as food formulas are concerned. Not least because the younger consumer deals differently with food than the previous generations. Weekend shopping is getting less important. What’s going to be eaten is now a last-minute decision and, moreover, the young consumer thinks about healthy food. There’s more focus on fresh, health, animal welfare and fair trade. Demographically speaking, there are golden opportunities for retailers to gear to these trends, because there is a considerable increase in the number of single-person households and young people.

In America, the consumer is already making fewer shopping trips. The trend is to buy food and eat it on the spot. The classical models of large supermarkets are no longer working so well. The popular food markets gear to the changing needs of the consumer. Convenience formulas complement these new food initiatives. Think of the butchers and bakers who offer complete meals.

Businesses are forced to look beyond their existing boundaries of marketing channels. A restaurant can also be a retailer and a supermarket can also become a fresh market. There are increasingly more new players on the food market such as deliverers, home cooks and buyers’ clubs. But also book shops/restaurants and healthy fast-service businesses. The conventional division between restaurants and retail is becoming increasingly blurred. Food perception concepts that fit the ‘know what you eat’ principle are booming. Why? Because that’s what the consumer wants!

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HZPC & new food concepts

As an innovative company and service provider to chain partners, HZPC is interested in new food concepts. Together with our partners, we’re looking at what the consumer wants from our branch in the future and how we can creatively gear to that. For example, we’re involved in healthier products and our Colour Perupas are doing very well in new food concepts.