15 April 2015 Trends

Trends and
innovations at
Fruit Logistica

4-6 February 2015 the annual Fruit Logistica was held, the biggest international exhibition for the marketing of fruit and vegetables. Four HZPC colleagues went looking for trends and innovative products. What did they notice? And what can the potato sector learn from other fresh areas?

Yifu Pei (Project Manager), Paul Oomen (Trainee), Steven Kuiper (Sales Manager) and Somashekhar (Business Development Manager); all work for HZPC, but in different jobs and in different countries. Steven Kuiper: ‘That difference makes it nice to work together. Everybody has his own view and approach. At the exhibition you can see where you are as a business, you see how your competitors are doing, and look for trends for instance from leaders in other fresh areas. Of course meeting customers and maintaining relationships is very important for me, being in sales.’

Fruit Logistica in short

I think we observed a shift of society

Spotted trend: smart and small packaging

‘Yifu and I did a tour, looking for eye catching things’, Steven Kuiper continues. ‘Packaging was something that really stood out. The units are becoming smaller, for smaller households.’ Yifu Pei adds: ‘I think we observed a shift of society. Years ago you would cook large meals for the whole family, whereas now a lot of people only cook for themselves. The structure has changed.’

‘Another thing I noticed about packaging’, Somashekhar says, ‘is the fresh aspect. We moved from fresh food to processed food, and now we are going back to fresh. People appreciate to see what they eat, from beginning to end. They want fresh and honest products.’ Paul Oomen adds: ‘There were presentations you could visit about smart packaging. It is really clear that the fresh sector is making big steps in this area. I saw a lot of products using this trend.’

Steven Kuiper says: ‘Also the simplicity of the designs was something I noticed. Trendy logo’s in primary colours, no words, just drawing.’ Yifu Pei says: ‘It is selling without too much “sugar”. I think the simplicity is also due to the information overload. People have so many stimuli nowadays. You have to interest them in a couple of seconds.’

People appreciate to see what they eat, from beginning to end

Spotted trend: responsible foods

Somashekhar: ‘A trend is also towards a conscious choice of food that is responsible and fair. It is something the young generation is aware of. We feel like we are too much of a burden on the earth. A campaign that attracted a lot of interest is ‘Save our soils’. This is a 3-year project in collaboration with Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) to maintain healthy soils. We loose soils at an alarming rate. They too had innovative packaging. It had holes in it, so you could see and touch the product. Also there was a company who keeps soil health and improves plant resilience with the help of microorganisms, biostimulants and pheromones. We are now in contact to see what we can do together.’

Spotted trend: convenience

‘I was really impressed with the presentation of technical innovations at the ground floor of the exhibition, says Paul Oomen. For example, there where processing and packaging machines that nowadays more and more are applied in the retail sector, like fresh orange juice machines and pineapple slicing machines. It really gave me ideas for my own work regarding convenience with potato products.’

Spotted trend: chain approach

‘Chain approach was something else I noticed’, says Somashekhar. ‘Partners working together from beginning to end. This goes much further than Corporate Social Responsibility. The stand of Bayer was a great example of that. They really impressed me by how they presented themselves.’

Fruit Logistica 2016

In 2016 Fruit Logistica will be held from 3-5 February in Berlin. All four colleagues agree; it is worthwhile to visit.

HZPC & Fruit Logistica

HZPC is present at Fruit Logistica every year. During the three-day exhibition HZPC aims to inspire visitors with an innovative presentation. This year a big part of our stand was reserved for M Enjoy Life, our concept for the new generation. Also we focussed sharing our knowledge with partners in our chain. Together we want to work on future developments en innovations.