Food service 17 May 2016

Business opportunities
in the foodservice channel

New in InZpire magazine is a series of articles about developments in foodservice. An important reason for doing this is because creating a change in foodservice will create a change in retail and will lead to a bigger change of consumption at home. The out-of-home market measures 1900 billion euros a year. What chances lie ahead for potatoes?

The foodservice industry

Foodservice defines those businesses, institutions, and companies responsible for any meal prepared outside the home. This industry includes restaurants, school and hospital cafeterias, catering operations, and many other formats. The foodservice industry can be segmented is several sub segments:

Note: excluded are Food & beverages in hotels; military institutions; self mngt operations in institutional catering and locations that act primarily as retailers, such as petrol filling stations.

The out-of-home-market is good for a sloppy 1900 billion euros globally a year


The out-of-home-market is good for a sloppy 1900 billion euros globally a year. Europe’s share covers 45 billion euros. The foodservice industry suffered difficulties during the economic crisis. Before the crisis the out of home consumption was growing rapidly, but it stagnated and even declined during the economic crisis. Since 2014 the foodservice industry noticed the regain of growth in the out-of-home channel versus the home-food channel. Especially restaurants seem to profit. Consumers can afford to eat and drink out more. This trend is expected to continue. Besides economic influences also several demographic and social changes will accelerate developments. The foodservice industry holds many interesting business opportunities; also for the potato!

Consumers can afford to eat and drink out more

The series

Starting next edition of the InZpire magazine we will highlight a specific foodservice sub segment and present to you who the key players are, the key trends, and examples of developments happening which shape this segment towards the near future. Examples like blurring, home delivery shopping bag with meal suggestion, growing number of eating occasions and ‘fast casual fever’ will be presented. We will explore the opportunities for the potato industry to gain a bigger share of the stomach of the consumer.

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