Food service 27 February 2019

Opportunities for the industry: fresh cut French fries, creamers and yellow potatoes

New game changers can turn complete sectors upside down in no time

The developments in food service in Northern America offer enormous opportunities for the potato industry. That is why the potato industry is keen to quickly pick up trends and respond to them.

Paul Oomen
Paul Oomen

In the United States HZPC trend watcher Paul Oomen registered a number of trends that are already of concrete interest to the potato industry. ‘The frying of French fries, directly from fresh potatoes, is a craze in supermarkets and restaurants. So there is now a great need for potatoes to peel, cut and fry freely on the spot.’ The potato industry must supply and develop varieties that are suitable for this application.

Baby potatoes and yellow flesh varieties

Another example of the demand among customers is the great need for creamers or baby potatoes. They tie in with the trend of convenient, tasty food. Also, Americans are starting to consume more yellow flesh varieties nowadays. According to Paul Oomen, Colomba is a good example of such a variety: ‘a tasty potato with an attractive bright skin.’

Leaving HZPC – Thank you!

After more than 4 years working with great pleasure for HZPC, Paul decided to accept a new challenge. Per March 1st he will be the managing director of Geo for Agri, a new company focusing on data for the agricultural sector. Off course with a special focus on the potato industry “It’s a small world, and I hope to stay in touch!”

Of course the foodservice articles will continue. Jeff Scramlin (Head of Business Development North America) and Amy Myrdal Millar (Farmers Daughter Consulting) will work together on a series with insights about the leading Foodservice industry in North America.

HZPC is responding, together with its growers, to new demands from the market. ´We want potatoes to be able to compete with pasta and rice. This is possible if we are constantly able to offer potato varieties and products that meet the wishes of the consumer’, says Paul Oomen.

Coffee is hot

A nice example of a success story in food service is coffee. The product was expanded to include new blends and specials like cappuccino and espresso. ‘Coffee was reinvented. Coffee is a ‘hot’ product.’

Paul Oomen is convinced that the volume and value of potatoes can be elevated in a similar way. Based on health, taste and new products. ‘Innovation is crucial in the food industry. New game changers can put complete sectors upside down in no time.’


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